Brick Matching Service

You may be looking for a PARTICULAR BRICK to match an existing development. We offer a professional brick matching service. Bricks are VERY SPECIFIC to a geographical area, so local knowledge of areas around the country is important when sourcing bricks for matching purposes. We have a network of resources that we can tap into around the UK. We can help with recommendations and packages that can be presented to your local planning authorities for approval so as to help eradicate the rejection of materials by planners, you can be confident that we are PROFESSIONAL at brick matching.

Not all companies offering a brick matching service are the same. Many companies only offer matching via an uploaded image and description, which can be unreliable. The MAJORITY of the brick matching work is done in person, onsite. You may send us photographs and a single brick, but we are HAPPY TO VISIT THE SITE to confirm colours, size, type and texture. It is quite surprising that bricks can LOOK SO DIFFERENT in various situations, if they are wet, light and shade, the list is quite endless. Not only is this a better, more personal service but it ensures that the overall appearance and future value are protected.

In the event that the EXACT MATERIAL MATCH to your project has been discontinued by the manufacturer and we are unable to source if from remaining stocks, we will endeavour to use our brick matching EXPERTISE to find you a suitable alternative for your project. We are always there to find the BEST match to discontinued bricks from new and old brick factories. Old bricks are MATCHED QUICKLY AND EASILY, we source Reclaimed bricks or supply from manufacturers that can replicate the “Old style” bricks that we see so many of still today.

To make sure that our brick matching service is able to provide you with the BEST SERVICE, we do have a process to follow. We need a full set of elevation and plan drawings. A full schedule or itemised products will be sent to you, along with PRICES and respective availability. Once we are happy we have completed the brick matching, we will organise samples for your approval. Most bricks are available from stock or with a short lead time, but some more specialised brick types may be on an extended delivery, we will advise.

We use our brick matching service to locate bricks which have been discontinued, in short supply or reclaimed. We also find carry out brick matching on non-standard bricks, acoustic bricks, engraved bricks and many other types. We offer an INDEPENDENT & UNBIASED opinion of what products should be used to maximise the effect on your project. We aim to take the hassle out of this process for you, present only SUITABLE products for consideration and do all this within the time restrictions that you may have.

Some say that brick matching is an art. Of course, manufacturers have discontinued many bricks over the years, making our brick matching service doubly difficult. With a majority of bricks we are able to create BESPOKE BLENDS to get a unique finish or for that near exact match. This means that for the very creative Specifier or Designer almost anything is achievable. As with all our products we sell, we will only offer BEST ADVICE to you the client. It is NOT in our interest to push a particular supplier as we offer our services as INDEPENDENT & UNBIASED.