Brick Arches have historically been used in TRADITIONAL construction projects for structural, aesthetic & commercial reasons. They give the Designer or Architect greater scope for creativity to get that UNIQUE LOOK that most clients are looking for.

Brick Arches will help to add value to your build & help to break up areas of brickwork and can really show off your windows & doors. They give that added extra “Kerb appeal” when selling on your property.

At TBM we have a vast amount of experience in this area & there are many types of ARCHES we supply, but the main 4 are FLAT GAUGED, SEGMENTAL, SEMI-CIRCULAR & SEMI-ELLIPTICAL.

The main different ways of having these produced are:

  • Loose – Built in on site in traditional methods
  • Lightweight Block Backed – Built on site using off-site made sections
  • Pre-Fabricated – Precision cut & factory bonded onto LINTELS (Concrete or Steel)
  • Pre-Formed onto lightweight boarding that can incorporate formers.

The PRE-FABRICATED arches we supply are becoming more popular on Self-Build, Refurbishment, Retail, Education & Commercial projects. The benefits of this type of ARCH construction are as follows:

  • Time saving to install
  • Skilled & experienced labour not required
  • Consistency in the product & the final overall look
  • No need for a LINTEL
  • Structurally sound
  • Very complicated designs available.

Our suppliers are ALL UK based & offer Excellent TECHNICAL SUPPORT for their products.

Our PERSONAL, PROFESSIONAL & UNBIASED service is ideal for Architects, Contractors, Developers, Builders, Self-builders & Refurbishment specialists.

We utilise our skills & knowledge to take the Hassle out of the “Arch Selection” process for your project.  You give us an outline brief of Size, Quantity & Budget & we will quickly source SUITABLE products for your approval.

We have long established relationships with our suppliers which helps us gain great discounts.

Please look at our Referrals & Gallery section for inspiration!

What we do:

  • A full “take-off” service, all we need is a FULL SET of Elevation & Plan drawings in either ELECTRONIC or PAPER formats.
  • A full schedule of itemised products/units will be sent to you along with all the prices and respective availability of product.
  • Offer a great variety of COLOURS, FINISHES, SIZES & QUALITY. If required we will provide samples of the relevant product.
  • We are able to manufacture STANDARD UNITS, BESPOKE, ORNATE or COMPLEX ITEMS. We can also help in the design of certain elements if required.
  • Offer “back up” design and technical advice if required to you or your Architect, this can come in many formats depending on the level of involvement.
  • We only use suppliers that we know are “Tried & Trusted” over the years and we will pass on our experience.
  • As with all our products we sell, we will only offer “BEST ADVICE” to you the client.
  • STANDARD units will be available from stock or with a short lead in time. With most of these products there can be a lead in time of anything from 3-4 weeks (Sometimes longer) depending on design and complexity.
  • We will attend site if there are any issues found with the material supplied.
  • It is important to get things right BEFORE the manufacturing process begins.



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