Prefabicated Chimneys

(Also known as Dummy, False, Replica or Reproduction Chimneys)

These are products that are lightweight & cost effective alternatives to the conventional chimney systems, whether it be for a new or an existing property. They come in 2 main formats – FULL GRP or BRICK/STONE SLIP ones. Both types can be used with a flue, there are however additional factors that need to be allowed for when pricing, so it is important to know what your requirements are from the outset.

REAL BRICK/STONE SLIP chimneys are manufactured, generally using a GRP base, then clad with Brick or Stone slips using specialist techniques. The slips used will match your existing property type and again this specialist service will be provided by TBM. Suitable alternatives will be provided to the customer for approval before the manufacturing process takes place.

GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) brick effect chimneys are manufactured using the latest innovative technology available to produce the high quality products we now supply. These are lighter in weight than the slip chimneys and are becoming more popular to install.

Each type of chimney will appear to be a genuine chimney to the “untrained eye”, so much so that various planning authorities have now approved these types of chimneys so they comply with their “street view” or “skyline” requirements for planning purposes. Planning authorities appreciate that some structures cannot accommodate a traditionally built chimney, but will accept the type of chimney that “The Brick Man” can supply you.

Our suppliers are ALL UK based & offer Excellent TECHNICAL SUPPORT for these great products.

Our PERSONAL, PROFESSIONAL & UNBIASED service is ideal for Architects, Contractors, Developers, Builders, Self-builders & Refurbishment specialists as these can be supplied ANYWHERE in the UK.

We utilise our skills & knowledge to take the Hassle out of the “Chimney Selection” process for anyone looking to specify or find Chimneys for their project.  You give us an outline brief of Size, Quantity & position on the roof & we will quickly source SUITABLE Products for your approval.

We pride ourselves on our Customer Service & want your REPEAT BUSINESS & REFERRALS.

Please look at our Referrals & Gallery section for inspiration!

What we do:

  • Full “take-off” services, all we need are Elevation & Plan drawings in either ELECTRONIC or PAPER formats.
  • A full schedule of itemised products/units will be sent to you along with all the prices and respective availability of product.
  • Offer a great variety of Colours/Textures and samples can be provided for your approval. We can also match existing colours if required.
  • We are able to manufacture STANDARD UNITS, BESPOKE, ORNATE or COMPLEX ITEMS, this product makes it easy to replicate existing profiles replica rolex for sale. Alongside this we can also help in the design of certain elements.
  • We only use suppliers that we know are “Tried & Trusted” over the years.
  • You may find “CHEAP” suppliers that may compromise on the production quality to gain the order. We will advise you on all of these aspects.
  • As with all our products we sell, we will only offer “BEST ADVICE” to you the client.
  • STANDARD units will be available with short lead times, but as with most of these products there can be a lead in time of anything from 3-6 weeks (Sometimes longer) depending on design and construction.
  • We will attend site if there are any issues found with the material supplied to you/your client.
  • You will appreciate that there are a lot of things to consider when ordering these great looking products so it is important to get things right BEFORE the manufacturing process begins.


The Process

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