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Stone has been a key element over centuries of building and has helped create some of the world’s great cities. The elegance of stone’s appearance has been captured in Architectural Design throughout the UK and the heritage of our country’s use of Stone is there for all to see around the British Isles.

We at TBM are experienced suppliers of SEMI-DRY, WET CAST & NATURAL STONE products. These are products that go very well with our portfolio of other products, especially Bricks.

Our PERSONAL, PROFESSIONAL & UNBIASED service is ideal for Architects, Contractors, Developers, Builders, Self-builders & Refurbishment specialists.

We utilise our skills & knowledge to take the Hassle out of the “Stone Selection” process for anyone looking to specify or find these products for their project.  You give us an outline brief of colour, texture, budget & we will quickly source SUITABLE Stone for your approval.

We have long established relationships with our suppliers which helps us gain great discounts on their products, which pass on to the Builder, Architect or the Client. We pride ourselves on our Customer Service & want your REPEAT BUSINESS or REFERRALS.

We supply to anywhere in the UK in small quantities, part or full loads & multiple loads! We have a network of hauliers to transport our Stone, which also caters for various sizes of loads, including Rigid, Artic, Moffett & Pallet services.

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Natural Stone

When the ROMAN’S first started using NATURAL STONE to build in the UK around 1800 years ago, they used their own craftsmen & stonemasons to build up and down the country. This undoubtedly helped to broaden stone’s appeal and explains why the much sought after honey/beige limestone is evident in countless country houses, churches and monuments in towns and cities throughout the UK.

Natural Stone has, and continues to be, a cherished building material. With its ecologically sound status it is set to continue to be so well into this millennium. Some people say that there is “nothing like the real thing” and although it is more expensive, you can tell the quality of this sought after building element.

When it comes to renovation & restoration projects, we use only talented stone masons who possess all the traditional skills necessary to ensure the highest standard of work, in any type of stone and for all manner of restoration projects, anywhere in the UK.

There are 2 main product groups – Walling Stone & Stone Masonry.

  • Walling Stone – This comes in various sizes & textures depending on your building requirement or what you are matching in with. There are various colours that are available and it largely depends on which part of the country it is quarried from. They range from CLIPSHAM & ANCASTER through to PORTLAND & IRON STONE.
  • Stone Masonry – Stone masons produce a comprehensive range of architectural stone masonry components in a choice of styles and profiles to suit your designs. Our suppliers use traditional methods for manufacture and also now incorporate expensive machinery to speed up supply needs and to be able to produce more precision on sizing.

Re-constituted Stone/Semi-Dry Stone

This product is a close match in colour and texture to natural stone. It is an approved alternative that has been readily accepted by Planning Authorities, Specifiers, Developers & Local builders.

It generally has its strength after 28 days and should not really be built in to walls until this time. It has the low porosity, durability & weathering characteristics of natural stone.

It generally has sharp arises requiring careful on site handling.

Cost effective production is an advantage as multiple units can be taken from a single mould during the same day, creating larger production runs to reduce costs. This combined with a short lead time is seen as the major benefit of semi dry cast stone. This type of production also offers the user and specifier a product which resembles and weathers as natural stone at much lower cost.

Wet Cast Stone

Again close match in colour and texture to natural stone with optional secondary finishes. It is an approved alternative that has been readily accepted by Planning Authorities, Specifiers, Developers & Local builders.

Wet Cast Stone has Very low porosity & retains supplied appearance longer. Production is slower & units costs are higher than Semi-Dry, however additional moulds speed up the production process. As the units are wet, they are much more dense and durable than semi-dry & the strength is generally doubled. This means the damage from transport/handling is greatly reduced. The size of unit is restricted only by crane and transport limitation. No problems in casting around even the most complicated reinforcement cage.

This method of production can be used for the manufacture of larger units such as beams or cladding panels where a combination of mass concrete and structural reinforcement eliminates the use of the semi-dry technique. It offers the specifier another dimension!

ALL of the above 3 product groups can produce the following items:

  • Balls, Bases & Finials
  • Balustrades
  • Bespoke Items
  • Cills
  • Circular & Bullseye Windows
  • Copings
  • Corbels
  • Gable vents
  • Garden Products
  • Heads & keystones
  • Pier Caps
  • Plaques & Date Stamps
  • Plinth courses
  • Quoins
  • String courses
  • Walling Stone
  • Window Surrounds.

What we do:

  • A full “take-off” service, all we need is a FULL SET of Elevation & Plan drawings in either ELECTRONIC or PAPER formats.
  • A full schedule of itemised products/units will be sent to you along with all the prices and respective availability of product.
  • Offer a great variety of Colours & Finishes and samples will be provided for your approval.
  • FULL TECHNICAL “Back up” is available if required.
  • We are able to manufacture BESPOKE, ORNATE or COMPLEX stonework to blend in or replicate existing profiles. Alongside this we can also help in the design of certain elements. This means that for the very creative Specifier/Designer almost anything is achievable.
  • We have many suppliers that we know are “Tried & Trusted” over the years and we will pass on our experience so as to ease the confusion and site issues that these types of products can bring with them.
  • You may find “CHEAP” suppliers that may compromise on the production QUALITY to gain the order. We will advise you on all of these aspects.
  • As with all our products we sell, we will only offer “BEST ADVICE” to you the client. It is NOT in our interest to push a particular supplier as we offer our services as INDEPENDENT & UNBIASED.
  • Some products are kept in stock, but as with most of these products there can be a lead in time of anything from 4-8 weeks (sometimes longer) depending on design and availability.
  • We will attend site if there are any issues found with the material supplied to you/your client. We like to “nip it in the bud” when problems occur rather than let them escalate into bigger ones.
  • It is important to get things right BEFORE the manufacturing process begins.


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