Tinting Service

Over the last 20 years we have got more involved in this SPECIALIST area of the industry. Brickwork & Stonework alike are very “AESTHETIC” elements of a building, so when Patching, Staining or Graffiti appears on an elevation then 9 times out of 10 it will need to be rectified as it is UNSIGHTLY.

  • On a regular basis brick manufacturers DISCONTINUE ranges of bricks. If there are NOT any suitable/agreeable alternatives, then the best option would be to TINT bricks of the SAME TEXTURE to match.
  • Sometimes products are laid poorly & “bad workmanship” leads to a patchy appearance or just too contrasting, which is not what the Designer/Manufacturer  intended.
  • There are times where acts of Vandalism or Graffiti need to be removed.
  • “Staining” of an area may occur due to chemicals or natural elements.
  •  Fire damaged brickwork can be TINTED back to its original colouration, so saving costs of demolition & re-build.
  • A poor match on an extension can be rectified using these techniques.
  • + Many more circumstances.

We appreciate the difficulties in this area of the industry which is why we offer an INDEPENDENT & UNBIASED opinion on these services & how best used to maximise the effect on your project. We aim to take the hassle out of this process for you & get the job done with minimal fuss!

As with all our products we sell, we will only offer “BEST ADVICE” to you the client.


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